Drug & Occupational Health Screening

Importance Of Drug & Occupational Health Screening

WHO – Anybody applying for a position of employment, volunteer services or in special instances such as the purchase of a firearm, acquisition of a business partner, hiring of contractors, nannies, CPAs, lawyers, etc.

WHAT – Drug screenings can involve submitting samples of urine, breath, hair or other substances to test for the presence of legal or illegal drugs.  In addition, occupational health screenings may require blood to be drawn, the administration of vaccines, physical health assessments and other tests to determine a certain status of readiness.  Some common examples of tests include:

  • Urine Drug Screening

  • Hair Testing

  • Breathalyzer

  • Titer Blood Draw

  • Vaccines

  • Physical Fit Test

  • Respirator Fit Test

  • DOT Physicals

WHEN – Drug testing and health screenings are typically performed when an offer of employment or volunteer position is made or when companies decide to randomly screen employees.

WHERE – With Stellar Background Checks, these searches can be conducted from any where in the world with an internet connection and a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

WHY – Drug screening and occupational health tests are performed to ensure safety before, during and after work.

HOW – Disclosure and consent must be obtained then, the applicant is sent an email through Stellar Background Checks’ software system.  After the email is received, the applicant will choose from a list of labs closest to them.

Stellar Background Checks’ network of clinics includes more than 10,000 locations including patient service centers, third-party collection sites, and mobile collectors.  Our user-friendly platform allows you to electronically schedule drug, alcohol and wellness services in a single order. 

Does your company need help with random drug screening?  Let us help organize and coordinate drug testing for you.

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