Background Check Company

How Much Does a Background Check Company Charge?

Background check is the process of getting the information about the criminal record of a person. There are various background check companies who offer background check services. The cost of background check varies based on the company and the service.

What is Background Check?

The term background check is the process of getting the information about a person’s criminal history. It is done for various reasons such as for personal safety or for employment purposes. A background check provides the details about the criminal history of a person, and it includes the name, address, date of birth, phone number, and social security number.

In order for your doctor to diagnose the problem and develop a treatment plan, you must explain your symptoms. He cannot know what your treatment will cost until you walk in – will you be cured with a prescription or will you need surgery? A background screening is very similar. We need to know what you need (or what symptoms you are experiencing, in the doctor’s analogy). What type of people are you looking to hire? What are the current processes you are using? As we facilitate the process by asking the right questions, it’s up to you to provide the necessary details so that we can develop a background screening program that meets your company’s requirements. That’s when we can accurately estimate the cost of a background check. Our unique offer allows you to build your own package, where we review and evaluate an organization’s background screening program, looking for weaknesses that directly affect business operations.

Types of Background Checks

There are various types of background checks. They include the National Criminal Database (NCD) check, state and local criminal database check, and credit report check. These three checks are used for different reasons and at different times.

National Criminal Database

This is the most common background check and it is required for all the jobs. It includes the date of birth, address, phone number, and social security number. The NCPD is maintained by the FBI and it provides information about the criminal history of a person. It is very important for the employers to conduct the background check before hiring a new employee.

State and Local Criminal Database

A state and local criminal database is different than the national criminal database. It is used to determine the eligibility of a job applicant. A background check in this case is done by the department of labor or the city or town. It is the most common type of background check for the people who are applying for a job.

Credit Report

It is very important to get a credit report to get a loan or for any financial transaction. A credit report is the summary of all the credit accounts that you have. It includes the total amount of money, the total balance, and the interest rate that you have paid.

What Cost Does a Background Check Company Charge?

A background check company charges different rates for the different types of background check services. The cost depends on the company, the type of background check, the time frame, and the location.

For example, a company charges $49 to $99 for a state and local criminal database check and it takes around 2-3 days.


All these background checks can be performed by the background check companies. They provide different services and they charge different rates. So, it is best to hire a background check company that is affordable and offers quality services.