WHO – Anybody applying for a position of employment, volunteer services or in special instances such as the acquisition of a business partner, hiring of contractors, nannies, CPAs, lawyers, etc.

WHAT – An applicant’s disclosed information on current and past employers, personal/professional references, degrees/licenses from colleges/universities, vocational schools, high schools, certification programs, licensing entities and boards.  These verifications can include but are not limited to:

  • Current Employer
  • Past Employer
  • Educational Institutions
  • Professional License
  • Professional Reference
  • Personal Reference

WHEN – Verifications are typically performed when an offer of employment or volunteer position is made.

WHERE With Stellar Background Checks, these searches can be conducted from anywhere in the world with a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

WHY – Verification services can help employers ensure that applicants have the qualifications and backgrounds you require for an open position.

HOW – Disclosure and consent must be obtained in cases of employment.  Then, the applicable employers, national databases, school records departments, boards and agencies are contacted to confirm employment, attendance, degrees, certifications and licenses.

Stellar Background Checks’ researchers have significant expertise in gathering verification data from past employers, educational institutions, and licensing organizations from all over the world.

Our verification services help businesses avoid the potentially disastrous implications of hiring someone who does not fit the declared criteria for a job opening.  Unqualified new hires may be unable to meet work requirements, resulting in poor individual and organizational performance, as well as a reduction in overall revenue.

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